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Recovery from emotional trauma

Learn how to release yourself from chronic pain, fatigue and anxiety and break patterns from the past

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Do you suffer from anxiety, chronic fatigue, long covid or pain? Aware that trauma lies at the heart of this, even if you had a 'normal' childhood?


So many physical symptoms have roots in chronic stress and emotional trauma from unresolved events in childhood.


I am Dr Patricia Worby: award-winning Trauma therapist, educator and author*, working internationally with people to overcome blocks to healing using body-based (somatic) emotional and trauma release.

*PhD, Chrysalis Effect Practitioner award 2019

As a longtime specialist Chrysalis Effect Practitioner* for those with more complex conditions such as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)/ME or long Covid. *online CFS/ME recovery training and support

​I offer one-to-one sessions, courses and webinars to help people heal all types of stress-based illness.


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Download my free e-book Hidden Trauma or Book Now to explore why you are suffering and what you can do about it - or contact me directly.

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Hidden Trauma by Patricia Worby
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Are you suffering symptoms like fatigue, anxiety or pain and you’ve tried everything? Find out about the Hidden trauma that may be causing them with my free ebook and learn how to heal.

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Find out how the understanding of natural medicine and mindbody connection are transforming health and wellness with some free downloadable, resources, podcasts and videos.

Courses in Emotional Healing

Education is at the heart of what I do. I have a variety of courses, including interactive short courses and online group programmes, including Thrive! and The Emotional Audit and new Masterclass summer 2022.

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Most people have no idea that adverse childhood events (ACEs) like accidents, bullying, surgery, poor attachment, etc. remain stored in the body to be re-triggered as physical symptoms.

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My Emotional Audit
Programme & Masterclass

"Motivating and life changing..."

"Patricia led me with such gentleness, sensitivity and humour that each session was a relief and made me feel seen, heard and understood. Thank you!"

Alison M - after 3 sessions

Hidden Trauma by Patricia Worby

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