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Chronic Fatigue/ME, Long Covid
& Fibromyalgia Recovery

It is not an understatement to say that we are suffering an epidemic of chronic illness in the health service. This may manifest as depression, chronic back or shoulder pain or, at its worst it can develop into Chronic Fatigue Related Syndromes such as Long Covid, Fibromyalgia or ME/CFS.
If you have a diagnosis of these (or even if you have no definitive diagnosis), it can seem like your world has collapsed. Indeed, if you have researched on the internet you will read how nobody knows how to cure it or it is a ‘lifelong condition’ that you must manage with drugs and surgery with little hope of a cure unless that ‘magic bullet’ treatment comes along.
I’m here to tell you that’s not true: I had chronic fatigue and depression in my 30’s and I am fully recovered now.


It took me many years and a lot of money to discover the true causes and the truth was not an easy one. Firstly, there is no 'one cause’. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with such a complex, multi-factorial disease. The reason modern medicine hasn’t solved it yet is because it is only looking at the symptoms and regarding them as the issue without looking to the real root causes. Because of the way that the medical profession divides up into specialties means that they each have their own ‘part’ of the body that they look at and there is little understanding of how it all fits together as a system. Hence you will be sent from specialist to specialist with little overall view of what is going on and little consensus between specialists.

You need to understand what is contributing to your illness (current environment + predispositions):
  • inflammatory diet (stress from high processed carbohydrates)
  • personality type  (Type A’s and/or people-pleasing)
  • history of trauma/unresolved emotions (either childhood/adult)
  • psychological drivers (perfectionism and hyper-responsibility)
  • hormonal dysregulation (adrenals and thyroid)
  • heavy metal toxicity such as dental amalgam2

The real causes then are a combination of nutritional depletion, stress and toxicity. This is regarded as a ‘systems biology’ or bio-psycho-social view of Mindbody Medicine which I’ve discussed in detail here.

I have trained extensively in this and have become a specialist in Chronic Fatigue-Related Syndromes and now as a specialist Chrysalis Effect Referral Practitioner.

The Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery Programme

Until I came across the Chrysalis Effect programme I had no idea there was an online, NHS trialled holistic programme for recovery, written by people who have recovered themselves. It is a 9 month programme with audio/video content, expert interviews, exercises and an online forum for fellow recoverers. You are no longer alone but in a community of like-minded people whose aim is recovery not ‘managing the disease’ or focussing on a miracle ‘cure’. It has a free, no-obligation one month trial. Sign up here.
As a fully-qualified Chrysalis Effect Referral Practitioner I support your emotional healing as your main CE Practitioner supports you  every step of the way through the CE programme. I recommend two weekly emotional healing sessions for a minimum of 6 sessions to support you, with payment options to suit most budgets. This can run alongside your regular coaching support with your main practitioner or your regular coaching can take a break while you concentrate on your emotional healing. Your practitioner will discuss this with you. However, this is your choice ulitmately.

This is a team-based approach. So, there is no longer any need to ‘practitioner hop’ from one to another seeking answers.  See my About page for details of my credentials and contact me for an appointment – remember I offer a free no-obligation Discovery call to discuss your issues and whether I’m the right therapist for you.

All things start with small steps. Your journey to health is one of them.

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