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Accessing Your Online Course or Programme

To access the online content that you have purchased, you need to make sure you complete the following steps:

1. For online programmes - accept the invitation to join (sent to you by email)

2. For online programmes and packages of sessions - make sure you're logged into this website (use the Log In button at the top of the page)

3. For packages, click on the button with your name on to access your bookings and subscriptions.

3. For online programme you can use the links below:

My Emotional Audit Programme (with live sessions each week)

My Emotional Audit Evergreen (self-paced online course, start anytime, no live sessions)

My Emotional Audit Evergreen with Masterclass (available as part of the Emotional Masterclass course)

Thrive! (a 3 module starter online course - start anytime, no live sessions)

Help! I still can't access my online programme!

If you are still having problems, we can help you gain access to your course. 

Please fill in the form below and you will be contacted with further support.

Online Programme Access Support

Thank you - we will respond as quickly as possible.

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