Wondering if life could be less of a struggle?

Or you've got symptoms that defy explanation?

Know something is wrong but don't know why?

Did you know that unprocessed emotions could be at the core of your issues?

As a 3 Module introductory course to this exciting new field of emotional healing that modern medicine ignores even though the evidence is mounting that how we feel is intimately involved with our body's health or wellness. 'Your biography becomes your biology' Delivered by Zoom over 3 weeks with a live QnA session to embed your learning. 

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Your mind and body are one!


It’s my belief that we cannot fully heal unless we approach the physical, mental and emotional causes of disease. Most people miss out the latter. Many have trauma or unresolved emotions, and these shape the way the brain responds to stress, hence symptoms which may be seemingly unrelated!

If you suffer from symptoms like fatigue, anxiety or depression and have tried everything, discover the virtually unknown 7 common symptoms of Hidden Trauma that may be causing them…

Please download my free e-book ‘Hidden Trauma’ to learn why you and your doctor may have missed this no.1 cause of medically unexplained symptoms!

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