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Frequently Asked Questions

What options do you offer for working with you?

121 sessions offer the chance to work with me with the focus on your particular issues which usually resolve problems within 6 -12 sessions. It is quicker than talk therapy as it works with your unconscious programming. I recommend 6 as a minimum for chronic (long-term) conditions and you would need to have the Initial Consult before you progress. Regular sessions can be purchased individually or in blocks of 3 or 6 which offers a reduction. They take place online anywhere int eh world or in person (at my clinic in Southampton, UK).  You will receive confirmation of your booking in an email, with details of the clinic location if you have chosen this option.

An online group package/course allows you to work at a slower pace where we can cover more general issues and you can learn about how emotional trauma manifests and what to do about it with the support of a like-minded community. The courses include recorded video training as well as QnA/share sessions (see individual packages for details). The online membership only is a monthly share session with some informal teaching by me.    Please note group sessions are not a substitute for 121 therapy but they do provide support and encouragement should you wish to go on to that.


I want to work more intensively is there a way?

There is. I offer an option where by you get access to my training programme the Emotional Audit as well as work with me. Due to pressures on my time I limit the number of people I take on  for this option. Please ask me for more information and check out the Emotional Audit page.

Why is working with you any different to everything else I''ve tried?

I work somatically i.e. with the body which allows you to access feelings/emotions without fear. This circumvents the thinking brain altogether and allows you to make progress quickly.

How long does it take?

This is impossible to answer - but what I can say is that it's a lot quicker than talk therapy and usually 6 -12 sessions is required to begin to make long-lasting change. For very long term conditions more may be necessary. I will always discuss this with you at the last session of your package where we will do a review to see what remains to be done. You are under no obligation once your package ends.


How much do you Charge?

My basic charge is £150 per session but please see my Booking page for packages which offer reductions for pre-booked sessions. Please be aware that this is a unique, bespoke trauma therapy developed over many years of working with people. it is not equivalent to counselling or talk therapy and is targeted to specific memories or events of your life that may not have been metabolised fully. Because it works faster and more effectively, you are normally able to do less sessions than traditional psychotherapy to get the result you want. The Initial Consult has a different charge as this is your chance to experience the work I do and because I have to gather relevant information it takes longer.


Is there a guarantee of effectiveness?

As with all therapy, there is no guarantee that my therapy will work for you. There are too many interpersonal variables associated with this type of intensive work. However, most clients find things beginning to shift after the first few sessions and my testimonials show you that this is usually the beginning of profound changes. However, you should not undertake this work with the mindset that it has got to 'fix you'. That's always your role, not mine. I am a healing practitioner/facilitator not a magician. I do insist on a stand-alone Initial Consult before we begin to ascertain whether your body responds to my approach for this reason. You must satisfy yourself that you are ready for the work and read and accept  my Terms and Conditions before you begin.

Can I book a one-off session?

I do offer one-off sessions once you've completed your initial package with me (3 or 6) but I have found that most people response to the consistency of a package better than ad hoc sessions. It communicates to the body that you are committed to the process of change and there is a regular session that you commit to. You will be asked to book your sessions usually 2 weeks apart when you first sign up. These can always be amended to fit around your other committments.

Why is there a separate Initial consult before the packages?

I offer this after the 'free' Discovery Call as a standalone session to trial my services. It’s a great way to trial my way of working and to see if we fit. I only work with those who are committed to the process of recovery.

What’s the minimum number of sessions?

The answer is 3 for anxiety and 6 for longer-term chronic conditions like CFS/ME. This is simply the best way to make lasting change as anything less cannot overwrite the program that has been established over decades.

Why don't you offer refunds?

When you sign up to work with me you commit to a package of either 3 or 6 sessions as a minimum. That's in my Terms and Conditions. I know that packages are the best way to heal and since no therapy is guaranteed, it's simply the way I work. Please note this also applies to online programmes where you have access to the material from the moment you sign up. Apart from your statutory rights (14 days) I offer no refunds after that point. 

Do you offer reductions for low income?

I offer easy payment terms where your therapy payment is spread over a longer timeframe. You can also pay by Stripe to spread the cost onto a credit card (see my packages for more info). 

How can I pay?

I offer Stripe payments for everything including international credit card payments. You may also pay by direct credit BACS payment upon application. I try to discourage this as it is harder to keep tabs on everything.

What is the difference between 121 therapy and you group courses?

121 therapy is simply the most efficient way of resolving trauma. The courses are a slower, gentler introduction to the ideas of trauma-informed therapy. They are not a substitute for 121 work. Find out more.

Do my appointments have to be the same time each week?

No you can schedule your appointments around your life, but all I ask is that you put them in the calendar when you first buy your package.

What is EMDR?

Click here to read more.

I'm a therapist myself - could I learn to do this?

Yes you can - I am currently developing the Emotional Masterclass training. See the link for details.

If you have any other questions, please do contact me.

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