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Do you suffer from anxiety, chronic fatigue , post-viral fatigue (long covid, etc), or pain? So many physical symptoms have roots in chronic stress and emotional trauma.

I am Patricia Worby, PhD: award-winning* somatic trauma therapist, educator and author, working internationally with people to overcome blocks to healing using body-based emotional and trauma release. Now part of the multi-disciplinary Greenwood Holistic Health Group which offers a team-based solution for those with more complex conditions such as CFS/ME or long covid.

I offer one-to-one sessions, courses and webinars to help people heal all types of stress-based illness. Want to find out more? Download my free e-book Hidden trauma or click the book now button above to explore why you are suffering and what you can do about it or contact me.

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NEW - Emotional Audit Programme

My brand new 14-week online course starting 9th September 2021 is a bespoke group programme that educates and hones understanding and healing trauma. You’ll learn how your body has held onto childhood embedded responses and beliefs, and how to unravel them! You CAN live without pain, feel alive and free!  Only £259 for a 14 week course with live sessions and lots of resources to support you. Click here to sign up now.

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Healing the Mindbody

Your mind and body are one.

Mindbody Medicine is a new way of looking at the reasons we get ill.

It tackles the root causes of the problem, rather than suppressing symptoms.

What you think and how you feel are intrinsically linked.

Unexpressed emotions can become stuck and cause physical symptoms.

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Stress & ACEs

Unconscious stress especially from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) lies at at the root of most chronic disease.

These relational (attachment) traumas are a difficult birth, mother's depression, familial divorce, bullying, or bereavements that change your brain.

The more ACEs have, the worse health outcomes and more difficulties you can have in life.

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Causes of Disease

All disease is multifactorial and changes the terrain of the body via:

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Free Resources and Online Support

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Covid Update

Open for both online and in person appointments.
Chronic stress, fear & trauma like the covid pandemic combine with past unresolved traumas to reduce your immunity and make long haul symptoms more likely. Most people have no idea that past events remain stored in the body to be re-triggered as physical symptoms.

Stress & Adverse Childhood Experiences

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* PhD in traumatic components of Chronic Pain awarded 2016 by ICHM
Practitioner award 2019 from The Chrysalis Effect, online recovery from Chronic Fatigue related illness

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