Work With Me

Whether you want 1-2-1 intensive emotional healing and trauma support or to take part in the group work, the choice is yours.  Emotional freedom and wholehearted living is possible for you.

Get free of pain and limitations in your life! Clarify your goals, discover your gifts!  


  • Are you struggling to recover from anxiety or a chronic condition?

  • Ready to make changes but don't know how?

  • Want to live a more creative, pain-free, joyful life?

I'm a specialist practitioner in chronic pain, anxiety and emotional trauma release. I've had my own health challenges including anxiety and CFS and use my knowledge and specialist training in trauma, naturopathy and stress-related conditions to inform my approach. For more details about me click here.

How it works:

Book a free half hour chat with me. If after that we seem like a good fit, then you go on to book your Initial Consultation where we discuss your issues and assess symptoms and possible causes. I then recommend a personalised treatment plan for you based on your individual needs.  I will consider life experience, diet, history and emotional health/experiences (including traumatic ones). If you decide to work with me I will recommend a package tailored to you.


The difference with what I offer to what you may have already done before is HUGE. It's not the tools and techniques that make the difference (although they are excellent), it is the emotional connection and the safety which I engender for you to explore your own emotional landscape without fear.  Trauma is common - if you've been through a childhood you'll likely have some.  It's the thing most people omit from their healing programme as they either think it's not significant OR they fear being overwhelmed by their feelings. Neither is true.


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