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Education is at the heart of what I do. Courses are a great way of working with me at a fraction of the cost of 121 work. If you are unsure where to start please explore here (see images below).
I have a variety of courses from interactive short courses: on Attachment Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experience and Freeze & the Cell Danger Response, an online Practitioner Trauma Awareness Course for the Chrysalis Effect, a BRAND NEW online Emotional Healing course called Thrive! and of course my flagship online group Emotional Audit Programme as well as the Masterclass.

Thrive! Live is an Introductory Course for those who are new to the arena of Mind Body Medicine and looking at emotional healing for the first time. For the more experienced, My Emotional Audit Programme is a bespoke programme that educates and hones the understanding and healing of trauma. You'll learn how your body has held onto childhood embedded responses and beliefs, and how to unravel them! You CAN live without pain, feel alive and free!

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