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Patricia Worby, PhD

I am a former scientist and health researcher* who, after having chronic fatigue and finding no answers in the current medical system, sought solutions for myself and recovered. What I found out shattered my previous beliefs as it was so contrary to my former understanding; so I decided to use what I have learnt about the real root causes of chronic illness and become a somatic psychotherapist specialising in chronic anxiety, pain, fatigue and stress-related illness. My experience has taught me that is often important to treat both the mind and the body for full health and wellbeing. 
I offer 121 sessions and group support programmes as well as a range of educational resources. I pride myself on getting results where others have struggled. many of my clients resolve their symptoms within months after years of suffering.

I am an established author of 7 books - 4 in the MindBody Connection Series - ALL AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

  • The Scar that Won't Heal - Stress, Trauma and Emotion in Chronic Disease

  • The World Within - How our Microbiome shapes us

  • Losing Our Minds - Healthy Aging at a Cellular Level

  • Life Illuminated - How Light and Energy Underlie Life

  • The Dementia Diaries - Learning to Let Go Gracefully, A Daughter's Tale (a memoir of losing my mother to dementia)

  • Life Lessons - Advice from the Afterlife, A Sceptic's Journey (An account of the messages I received from my deceased family members through consultation with a psychic friend of mine - soon to be published)

  • The Mystery of Number - A Universal Pattern and Fractal Geometry of Life - simply the mathematics of life and how it forms patterns that we all recognise. A non-geek guide for the curious mind.

I am also currently working on shorter books focusing on specific issues like Overcoming Anxiety, Addiction, Narcissism with practical tools and case studies of people who have worked with me.
Finally I offer short interactive courses and group programmes like the Emotional Audit Programme - an 8 module group programme for trauma education and support - which can done as a stand alone course over 8 weeks or more interactively via 121 support in the Emotional Masterclass.

I regularly present talks and webinars on subjects related to my specialist area. Please also check my YouTube channel and podcast (see more social links above). 

My Story

My path to becoming a therapist began with my own health issues: after experiencing health problems of my own I was forced to seek help outside conventional medicine and, despite being very sceptical, found alternative medicine (acupuncture and herbs) to be very effective after months of pain. This lead me on my own health journey which required re-learning everything I had been taught to believe about health and wellness in my science-based background! I wanted to find an answer and believe I now have. I wrote about this in my book The Scar that Won’t Heal which is available on Amazon. The body is an incredibly complex self-healing organism which we still know so little about. I have madeg my study of this field my life's work and hope to share some of my knowledge with you.
(*) I have a PhD in the traumatic components of chronic pain with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM), worked at Hammersmith Hospital, Southampton University Hospitals Trust and University of Southampton in medical research and medical education. Latterly I was in multidisciplinary research support. I am a Member of the International College of Holistic Medicine,  the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), but registered in the UK via the British College of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis.

(**) The highest UK accreditation you can get in Hypnotherapy, The Institute of Leadership and Management  (ILM) have accredited my training as a Wellbeing Coach and I have truly walked my talk – for more about me and my story see my book The Scar that won't Heal available on Amazon (as paperback, kindle and audiobook) and click here for other books, free resources and downloads.

1. Dr James Alexander; The Hidden Psychology of Pain
2. Dr John Sarno: Healing Back Pain or The Mindbody Connection
3. Dr Mark Atkinson: The MindBody Prescription
4. I was a member of the European GRACE partnership looking at reducing antibiotic use.
5. At Surrey University completing a PG Diploma in Nutritional Medicine 2012.
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