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My Approach

Many physical issues often have an emotional/psychological component - something we now recognise as a 'biopsychosocial understanding' of disease. We are not machines - we interact with others and our brains learn by their experience. This does not mean it’s ‘all in your mind’ – it means the problems are physical and real but they will respond to emotional healing and social connection.
This integrated 'mindbody approach' has 3 central tenets:

  • the body is a system that occasionally goes out of balance - you cannot separate parts and just treat symptomatically

  • physiology and psychology are interrelated - your biography can become your biology

  • past adverse experience changes your brain via neuroplasticity to alter your stress response to create a pro-inflammatory state that never switches off, creating symptoms throughout the body

To truly heal you must dampen the fires of inflammation via:

  1. diet (an anti-inflammatory diet of low simple carbs, moderate protein and high quality fat)

  2. lifestyle (restful sleep, outdoor exercise, etc)

  3. emotional trauma healing

Of these it is the last that is the most important. The autonomic nervous system connects our emotional (survival) brain with our body organs to either allow healing and rest or breakdown and threat depending on its unconscious perception of threat. You will stay stuck in a threat response until you release the past stressful experiences (adverse childhood experience - ACE) held in your body. These are incredibly common and can result from attachment wounds like birth trauma, bullying, narcissistic parenting, etc. This understanding is the hidden link where mind and body connect via emotions which have a resonance that is felt throughout the body, but emotions that were felt in childhood are stored.
These have to be dealt with to heal effectively as if this resolution is missed then further suffering, sometimes for years, is inevitable.  Don’t make the mistakes I made!

I use a range of body-based (somatic) treatments depending on your needs. I call it ‘Alchemy’ as it is the ‘art of transformation’, and this is what I hope to do for every client; not just get them back to health, but to be more connected, more in tune with their lives and spirit than ever before. It is a radical departure from most mainstream healthcare… so requires pro-active participation not passivity. This isn't just about releasing your symptoms, it's about finding out who you really are! Come join me as a fully realised human being.
Read more about mindbody medicine, adverse childhood experience (ACE) and the causes of disease as determined by natural medicine (naturopathy).


Through my own experience and research, I have developed a holistic approach to health and wellness which means I consider the whole person not the issue you have. I also believe health is an ongoing, proactive process not a thing’. Neither is it something you take for granted – it takes commitment and effort. At our first meeting I will do a comprehensive Health Assessment to find out what your issues are. I will then recommend what therapy combination would work best for you.

I am trained in Advanced Clinical Massage (ACM) at the Jing Institute, Brighton which allows me to confidently treat musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. However, as I soon realised that this is sometimes not enough to help my chronic pain clients, I then studied Nutritional Medicine(5) and Nutrition, Stress Management, and Psychotherapy diplomas at the School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS) so that I could offer a fully holistic therapy. But the psychological element drew me still further.

I have a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) using CBT-based Hypnotherapy (CBH) which is a highly effective, evidence-based psychotherapy which encourages you to develop your own skills so you can face the future with confidence. In addition, I am a certified NLP Practitioner and Chrysalis Effect Wellbeing Coach specialising in Chronic Fatigue Syndromes such as ME and Fibromyalgia. By approaching the mind as well as the body more significant results can be achieved. Using a step by step, team-based approach you are able to achieve true health and wellbeing and freedom from ME and other Chronic Fatigue-type Syndromes. For more information see my book The Scar that won't Heal on Amazon and Audible or explore the Useful Resources pages where you will find a range of downloads, books and videos about my work and my approach.
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