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I have produced a number of free audio, video and written resources for you to use. This helps support recovery and integration of the self into a happy, healthy whole – this is true ‘holism’. See my free ebook 'Hidden Trauma'

See the individual links below to audio, video and document downloads.

Check out also my blog (in Useful resources above), audio and video content on my YouTube channel,  podcast and books on Chronic fatigue, High Sensitivity, the Gut Microbiome, Energetic Healing and Healthy Ageing.

Document Downloads
Audio Resources

Adverse Childhood Experience and Psychosocial Wellbeing: a joint talk with Jane Wainwright given to a group of educators in Salisbury October 2018.

Mind and Body in the Creation of Health and Disease: a talk given to the Southampton Positive Living group in 2016. Based on my book ‘The Scar That Won’t Heal’ – Part 1 and Part 2.


Stress and Dentistry Phobias: an audio recording I did for the holistic Dentist Brain Halvorsen in 2016.

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