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Why do an Emotional AUDIT?

  • Are you suffering from symptoms you can't explain that defy conventional understanding?

  • Maybe you've been diagnosed with long-term chronic conditions and worried you'll never get better?

  • Or you just KNOW something is wrong but nobody can tell you what is wrong!

  • You've tried everything to get well but are STILL not getting better?

Modern Medicine believes that physical issues cannot have emotional roots..

Not true!

Do you know your body has held onto childhood embedded responses and beliefs, and things that happened to you in the past are not over as far as your body is concerned! Your biology is your biography! What happened to you changed your heart, blood pressure, digestive system etc. as your brain dealt with the threat and your survival. Unresolved childhood experiences lodge a sense memory impression in the back brain (your limbic system), and it’s changes your physiology.

The Emotional Audit Programme is the first programme of its kind addressing the mental and emotional aspects of health to help you heal.

Listen to this video and learn about the different stages of My Emotional Audit programme:

• Overview • Accept • Understand • Discover • Implement • Thrive • Summary

The Programme includes 7 x educational taught modules alternating with 7 x live calls over 8 weeks with Dr Patricia Worby and the rest of the group, providing a platform where questions can be asked and answered, with insight provided and support given. Special guests and bonuses are being added for the next start date which is Thurs April 21st*h.

• Find Out More Email:

• Explore My Emotional Audit Bespoke Online Programme:

• Sign Up Today! Working together, we are stronger together! #trauma#selfhelp#podcast#interview#anxiety#healing#CFS/ME #HIV Dr Patricia Worby PhD, former scientist, and health researcher who after having chronic fatigue and anxiety, and finding no answers in the current medical system, sought solutions for herself and recovered!


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