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Resilience film Q&A – how being ACE aware changes everything

Resilience film logo

The film 'Resilience' was made by Dartmouth Films and features the award-winning doctor Nadine Burke-Harris talking about why she has adopted an Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) aware model in her clinic, plus the original ACE study investigators Vincent Felitti and Robert Anda. We were not allowed to video the film itself of course, but we invited people to view via a private screening as a hireable event and then filmed the Q&A where we answered questions raised by the film.

I was asked to be one of four people on the Q&A panel afterwards to discuss the issues raised in the film. here’s the recording of that event and my summary vlog of how it went afterwards.

It is part of a new movement in the UK to make the nation ACE-Aware and hopefully reduce the burden on our Schools, health, social and prison systems.


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