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Welcome to Alchemy Therapies

Transforming your wellbeing…

Welcome to the home of mindbody therapy and wellbeing. My name is Dr Patricia Worby; I am a former research scientist, health researcher and now therapist with a special interest in chronic pain and fatigue. I offer a multi-disciplinary approach using Nutrition, Massage, Hypnotherapy, EFT and the principles of Naturopathy (Natural Medicine) for:

This is a powerful holistic approach that looks at the person not the condition and uses a range of treatments to tackle the root causes of the problem rather than suppressing symptoms so that you can live a joyful, connected, authentic life.

Healing the Mindbody

See my video presentation on this subject here. Your mind and body are one; they are not separate. What you think impacts upon the body; how one lives moulds our physical self; they are intimately connected.

I fully believe healing starts from the inside out and I use a range of approaches to address your issues depending on your individual needs. I am a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner and naturopath. I use Cytoplan food state supplements when needed .

Causes of Disease

According to Natural Medicine there are some features common to all illness/disease;

By approaching each of these in turn and using some tried and tested methods to support you in your healing journey I encourage you to enjoy full health and wellbeing. See my free download above right and my Facebook page for more information.

I am a wellbeing coach (member of the ILM), hypnotherapist (GHR), trauma therapist and Chrysalis Effect Practitioner (Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia specialists). I am also a member of the international College of Holistic Medicine and have truly walked my talk – for more about me and my story see the About page.. and my blog Healthwarrior.

I work from my home clinic and also by Skype. See the Consultation page for details.