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NEW! Coronavirus Diaries. I have been uploading videos of interest to those looking to build their immunity and understand what is going on.

Also hot off the press –  my latest project is a series of Radical Healing Conversations with other practitioners talking about their work. Catch them on my YouTube channel. Here’s a taster one. But check out all the new stuff there – I regularly post videos there on topics as wide ranging as dementia, cancer, trauma, thyroid disease, menopause, etc.

Here are the webinars I did for the Chrysalis Effect online summit in May 2019. The first one on the Biopsychosocial model of health and the second on The Thyroid; more than a Gland

I attended and presented at the London screening of the film Resilience all about Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and Q&A afterwards. What a great evening – here’s my summary vlog of how it went.

From January 2019 my new training course for trauma-informed practice. in collaboration with Chrysalis Effect Health.

From September 2018 – a webinar on ‘Attunement and Sensitivity in Recovery – this one had people in (happy) tears afterwards and the biggest response of any webinar I’ve ever done. Catch it here.

See also my shop for video recordings with slides… (for a small fee) – a talk on Adverse childhood events and psychosocial wellbeing – October 2018 in Salisbury.

For health practitioners (or interested people), my expert presentation to the FHT on ‘Nutrition, the Microbiome and Me– available to purchase for £4.99 on my Shop page (audio recording available free on audio page). Everything else here is free:

1/ my webinar for The Chrysalis Effect ME/CFS forum in May 2018  on Autonomic nervous system rebalancing: breaking the anxiety loop
2/ my recording of my audiobook version of my first book The Scar that Won’t Heal – see the process on my youtube channel here.
For a quick summary of what I do; here are three 2-minute videos;

1. Why is your therapy different?
2. What do you do?
3. Why is your therapy important?

And a talk I gave the to the Chrysalis Effect in Surrey in October 2017 here

For a longer look at EFT (emotional freedom technique) and how it helps in releasing trauma check this out.

Here’s a talk I gave for ME Awareness week in May 2017 on Mitochondria; more than Energy talking about all the ways in which mitochondria communicate a state of health or disease in our bodies.

For a more in -depth discussion of the mindbody approach, here is a 2-part series of videos – part 1 and part 2 of a talk to the Southampton Positive Living Group: Mind and Body in the Creation of Disease.. Hope you find it of interest. each talk is approximately an hour.

 AND from October 2016
CE Flight conferenceThe Specialist Chrysalis Effect (CFS/ ME)Conference presentation on the importance of emotions in Healing and the link with the Glymphatics and Brain function.

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Here is the link to my youtube channel where I regularly post videos on subjects of interest.


The Scar that Won't Heal

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