Wellbeing Coaching

Do you sense that you are ‘stuck’ in some way physically, mentally or spiritually?

Are you searching for more meaning in what you do but seem to lack the tools to get there?

Do you want to engage with life more fully?

I am a fully qualified Wellbeing Coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM),  and am informed by personal experience through my own health journey through illness and turning my life around.

Maybe you are aware that you want to feel better/ enjoy your life more but are not sure why you still procrastinate, self-doubt, eat badly or fail to exercise. This can be an issue for any of us but particularly if you are in recovery from a chronic condition or have had significant changes in your life recently and would like to get a better focus. Together we can look at your issues to:

  • Enable you to clarify your vision, life purpose, values, goals
  • Support you in making energetic shifts and long term changes
  • Challenge unsupportive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours effectively
  • Help you to honour your own wellbeing above all else
  • Improve health outcomes and actively prevent and reduce health risks
  • Live with greater awareness, clarity, balance and vitality
  • Deal with challenges, such as ill-health in a positive and life affirming way
  • Define clear health and wellbeing goals
  • Create a personalised health and wellbeing plan