To my wonderful clients

All of us need time to reflect where we’re going in life and whether it’s working for us – and I’m no exception. After my summer break this year (September 2018) two things have become really clear:

  1. I’m overworking generally
  2. I’m doing too much admin specifically

So, I’ve had a thorough review of my business practice and have come to some conclusions:
I need to use technology to cut down the admin, limit my clients and time spent working so I can concentrate on you, my clients more and do more of the writing I love (helping to spread the word of this approach and the techniques I use to help people overcome their dis-ease). I’ve already made some inroads on this by using whereby you can book yourself in to my calendar. This has cut down the to-ing and fro-ing of emails of availability…  Feedback has been really good as people appreciate being able to manage their own booking – cancellations or rescheduling is at the click of a mouse.

But I’m still doing 2- 2.5 hours per session per client – and therefore the number of sessions I am currently doing per week is untenable. There’s only one of me and I have to look after my own health in order to be as effective as I can be.. So, I’ve come to some important decisions that from now on (from 1st October for price changes),  I’m going to:

  • limit my working days to Mon afternoon, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings and 3 sessions per day max. I will be adjusting my calendar to take Weds and Thurs off (for writing) so these will not be bookable.
  • record all sessions with Zoom (instead of using Skype) – this cuts down my hour or so spent summarising sessions – I can send you the audio or video recording afterwards for you to keep, listen to at leisure and make notes if you wish. This is emailed to you as a Google Drive link which you can download to save on your own device. You will need to do so within a week up my sending you the link as I will then be required to delete the file for GDPR and my storage space limitations.
  • increase my mindbody/emotional healing prices as from 1st October (massage/nutrition is unaffected)to: £125 per session (£150 for initial consult). There will still be reductions for block bookings of 3 or more (e.g. £350 for 3 £700 for 6) which make it more affordable. This is not such a big change but it does bring my charges into line with my peers and reflects the time and care I spend on each person with follow up with carefully chosen information, exercises and audios to extend the learning of the sessions. Ad hoc follow up sessions (after you have completed your therapy) will be £95 for 45 mins). Please see my updated leaflet, Packages of care for Chronic disease/CFS/ME and terms and conditions on my website for more information.
    NB CURRENT CLIENTS: If you have already paid me for 3 or 6 sessions this will not affect you until you re-book.
  • instigate a waiting list system if I should be fully booked for that week. This means you will maybe have to wait until my calendar is freer. Previously I would ‘slot you in’ if I had time. I’m going to be strict about this from now on (sorry!).

I am absolutely certain that this will benefit all of us and it helps me to live according to my creed i.e. getting a good work-life balance and making sure I am fully connected with my own energies before sharing them with you. It’s really important to be congruent with my beliefs and what I teach and practice (and to keep well and healthy myself). I hope you will agree that this is important and that you value what I do enough to accept these new T&C’s. I look forward to working with you all.

The Scar that Won't Heal

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