Trauma Therapy – The Mindbody Transformation Process

Trauma therapy helps you unlock the physical and mental symptoms of trauma whether they are anxiety, relationship issues, emotional difficulties & even chronic physical pain. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex PTSD (interpersonal trauma) are complex bio-psycho-social conditions with both conscious and unconscious contributors. Trauma, usually from childhood but compounded by stressful events in our adult lives, gets ‘stuck’ as unresolved emotional memory in the survival part of the brain, the limbic system. Traumatic memory is:

  • Present: as if it is happening now
  • Persistent: does not fade with time
  • Pervasive: affects everything we do
    We must allow these subconscious memories  to be discharged for healing to take place.

As a Trauma Practitioner and hypnotherapist, specialising in these syndromes, I will address the following:

  • Releasing childhood trauma – breaking the link between current events and old emotional response
  • Replacing your hidden belief systems that undermine  you with supportive ones that nurture you
  • Building your resourcefulness, confidence and self-esteem, gaining skills and tools from mindfulness and energy psychology (EFT, havening) to use at home

What will we do in the sessions?

  1. Initial consultation

    A thorough discussion of current symptoms, followed by some EFT/ havening and a healing mediation to enhance relaxation and calm.

  2. Creating safety.

    grounding & creating a safe haven within. Finding your centre of gravity and communicating with your body via applied kinesiology

  3. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique *

    A combination of tapping on acupuncture points and affirmation to stimulate new neural pathways and adjust the autonomic balance.

  4. EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing*

    A visual tracking process which reconnects the two sides of the brain to release the emotions of traumatic memory.

  5. Matrix Reimprinting/Internalising self love

    Using regression and tapping to connect with the younger self to release shame and guilt. This boosts self-esteem and worthiness..

  6. Two Minds

    A part of our mind may sabotage our best efforts for recovery for protective reasons. By honouring this we can release it.

  7. Future Transformation

    Draws on the unconscious mind to create a compelling future and internalise into the body. Recorded to CD for home use..

First session 75 mins, all others 1 hr. *these sessions are conducted over 2-3 sessions in the 12 step process.

What is Mindbody therapy?

A holistic approach that understands that the mind and body are not separate – they are intimately connected and you cannot heal one without the other. Mindbody therapy combines your ‘feeling’ sense with your cognitive (thinking) process to rebalance the dysregulated  autonomic nervous system.

Trauma is ‘anything that your mindbody perceives as a threat to your survival’. This can be a difficult birth, abuse, anxious or unreliable parenting, dental/surgical interventions, bullying, accidents, loss or bereavement. Helplessness is the trigger.


30 min initial phone consultation               FREE!
7/12-step transformation process   £575/ £825*
Any subsequent sessions if required         £85

Easy payment terms deposit £125 + £75/70 per session
Payments by cash, cheque, or credit card accepted
NB Late cancellations of < 24 hours will be charged.
For full details and prices see my website:

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