I put my trauma in a box and stuck it under the floorboards for years and Patricia is the only therapist who has given the care and support for me to really be able to approach it head on and begin to resolve it. Beth I

Do what ever it takes to see her if you have any of the myriad of symptoms associated with trauma, both the big and the every day kind. You cant put a price on your wellbeing, but finding the money for this is a good start. KT

By the time I met you, I was a billion times worse than back then. At least back then you’d probably describe me as a highly proficient high functioning psychotic depressive. By the time I found you, all the social positives had gone!!! I’d be about 12 years into psychotherapy if I’d got this far by now. Carol G

Patricia is someone whom you can absolutely place your trust in, especially when that trust has been betrayed by others in the past.

It takes many years for chronic illness to manifest, there is no quick fix or magic pill, it is “an inside job” to recovery. Patricia is the most amazing support and expert guide to help you understand why you got ill, and how to reclaim your life.