News from Alchemy – Autumn 2021

I’ve been writing, teaching – including to student GP’s at Guys and St. Thomas’s Hospital in London!!* – and recording my new group programme (see below). I’ve also taken time to update my hardware (new computer – 2nd one actually as the 1st one lasted 3 weeks before it stopped working!!) as my old one is gradually slowing down (like many of us!!). All on top of seeing my amazing clients of course who never fail to teach me that there’s always more to know.

The loss of my mum in April has encouraged a new reflectivity and drive in me. A sort of ‘if not now – when?’ attitude. Mental Health is in the news like never before. We are seeing record amounts of anxiety as we are coming out of the societal trauma of covid**. Something MUST be done to help people and there’s only one of me and the work I do helps people to overcome anxiety and many forms of bodily trauma.

So, it’s time to do things differently.. In a bid to reach more people I am launching something never done before as far as I know – an online group for healing trauma (see below). And planning more talks and courses with a brand new portal set up by my colleague Michael Roesslein in the US – Inaura,com where therapists and ‘Guides’ (he prefers that term) like me will be able to come together to offer our services/courses/content. I am excited to join them in the venture and you can find me there along with many other brilliant body-based therapists and healers.

*with my colleague Elaine Wilkins from The Chrysalis Effect

I and my wonderful freelance team of Dawn Rising (marketing) and Justine Greenfield (website)  have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get the Emotional Audit website up and running, the booking form to link seamlessly with it AND our private Facebook group and webpage (where the videos will be uploaded) ALL in time for the  launch on 9th September.

PHEW! I’ve been busy uploading promotional videos as well as writing and recording the content which I can safely say has never been gathered together in this format. Subjects I’m covering:

  • mind and body connection
  • neurobiology of trauma
  • somatic (body memory)
  • imprint of emotions
  • heart and brain entrainment
  • healing strategies

This wasn’t easy. But I’m pleased to say we had a brilliant take up and are now nearly full for the autumn cohort. As I write this there are just 3 places remaining. I am limiting places because of the live Share QnA Zoom sessions so that people can be sure their voice will be heard (if they want to!). My good friend Carol Greenwood will be facilitating on those calls to make sure that no-one gets left out.

So, don’t delay – become a Founding Member for £139; less than half price compared to its launch price in September. All you need to do is pay via BACS payment 00280389 110697 and mark your payment with your name or email me for more details on The Stripe link has been updated with the new price so this last minute sale price only available to those who pay direct.

Thank you. Here’s to the success of our new community!

IN OTHER NEWS… – Blockchain democratises money and makes financial freedom available to everyone

Some of you may be surprised to hear since covid I’ve been investigating crypto currency and been astounded to learn that it is linked to cryptography (solving complex puzzles) via computer algorithms (this is ‘mining’). The terminology may be confusing and to some the whole thing smacks of money laundering and crime (at least the banks are telling us this – despite being the repository for this sort of activity for years themselves!).

In fact it is an incredibly liberating and exciting new store of value that may take over existing currency or at the very least run alongside it,  that aims to democratise financial wealth so that you can keep your money and not give it away to the banks to make more money from. I have been learning and investing small amounts in different technologies and funds (and no I’m not a bitcoin millionaire!! – far too late for that). but learning about blockchain (the underlying structure of crypto) has been enlightening and inspiring. I’ve done several videos on my Youtube channel which you can catch here if you are interested.

This is the new future of money. And it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to the internet. Let’s see…