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Something's terribly wrong

Why can't I get better?

Am I losing it/going mad?

Why am I like this?

I've tried everything!

Sound familiar?

This brand new 14-week online course starts on Thursday 9th September and is a bespoke programme that educates and hones the understanding and healing of trauma. You'll learn how your body has held onto childhood embedded responses and beliefs, and how to unravel them! You CAN live without pain, feel alive and free!

The course includes educational taught modules and bi-weekly live calls with me and the rest of the group. It's a platform where questions can be asked and answered, with insight provided and support given. Working together, we are stronger together!

The reason the Emotional Audit Programme exists is because I know that childhood trauma commonly affects us as adults. Anxiety, flashbacks and PTSD are just some of the mental symptoms. What most people don't realise is that it affects us physically too!

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Chronic fatigue or pain can be also be the result of this neurological response to trauma from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) getting stuck in body memory.

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Your mind and body are one!

It’s my belief that we cannot fully heal unless we approach the physical, mental and emotional causes of disease. Most people miss out the latter. Many have trauma or unresolved emotions, and these shape the way the brain responds to stress, hence symptoms which may be seemingly unrelated!

If you suffer from symptoms like fatigue, anxiety or depression and have tried everything, discover the virtually unknown 7 common symptoms of Hidden Trauma that may be causing them…

Please download my free e-book ‘Hidden Trauma’ to learn why you and your doctor may have missed this no.1 cause of medically unexplained symptoms!

Please share your story if moved to or ask me a question. I’d love to hear from you, as I hope that together we can build a community of trauma informed support and wellbeing.

About Me

I’m Patricia Worby, PhD, an award-winning somatic trauma therapist, educator, author of 4 books and recipient of an outstanding Practitioner Award 2019 from The Chrysalis Effect (Online Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Related Illness).

I work internationally with people using body-based emotional & trauma release techniques and wellbeing coaching. Wanting to work with more people than I can possibly do 121 has led me to developing The Emotional Audit Programme.

If you have any questions at all, please send an email to and I'd be happy to chat with you before you commit to the course.