Mindbody Medicine: a new paradigm of health

Your mind and body are one

Recently we have begun to be aware that conventional medicine is struggling to deal with the onslaught of chronic illness and has little to offer other than symptom suppressing medication. This is unfortunate as it only keeps people locked in to the disease cycle. Symptoms are actually the body’s way of trying to heal. The body is by its nature an incredibly intelligent self-healing organism and all we need do is remove the blocks to healing in order to recover. Often, though, it is stuck in an autonomic nervous system*cycle of threat which cripples the body’s self- healing mechanisms.

Modern medicine relies on the doctrine of the mind and the body being separate entities; doctors treat the body and psychiatrists the mind. But they are not  separate; they are intimately linked. What you think affects your body in very direct ways3, it changes your heart rate, your digestion, metabolism and immunity. What you do with your life also affects your spirit – if you are stuck in a job or relationship that doesn’t inspire you these have very direct effects on your wellbeing. We are complex mindbody organisms whose bodies store our subconcious beliefs4,5 and the only way to unlock these and other chronic conditions is to look at mind, body and spirit which is usually ignored or denigrated by most health professionals.

A new understanding of the importance of the mind and body connection adopts a more bio-psycho social model ; your biology is impacted by your psychology (what you think) and the social culture you exist within. Thus a person’s symptoms depend on where in that relationship they are stuck. This important new approach involves taking responsibility for your health and using natural methods of diet, detoxification and emotional cleansing to heal

We cannot treat the whole person unless we look at the unconscious emotional drivers of symptoms.

It is my belief that we cannot heal fully unless we approach the physical, mental and emotional causes of disease. Most people miss out the latter. Emotions are felt in the body and they profoundly change the stress response. See my videos for more information on this. I usually start with the physical however as we must support the body to heal itself. I recommend foods and Cytoplan food state supplements when needed to kick start that process.

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