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Patricia is not a medical doctor. Services and products of Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies have not been externally validated but I adhere to the standards of the GHR, ILM and Chrysalis Effect where applicable. Patricia endeavours to help you reclaim your life, reduce or ease suffering by a combination of emotional, mental or spiritual methods. Therefore, these are never a substitute for conventional medical or mental health psychological diagnosis and treatment and should never be regarded as such.

You are hereby informed to NOT rely on Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies and its products and services as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. You are hereby informed to seek a licensed healthcare professional in a timely manner for any medical concerns.

You are using Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies products and services solely for your own personal interest in trauma recovery or education. You hereby forever release, waive and discharge any claims against Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies & associates arising out of these products and services.

Please review the terms below carefully before using any of our products and services.

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Introduction and General Terms of Use

Please read the following terms of use, warranties and disclaimers before using Alcshemytsherapies.co.uk or (hereinafter “the Site”) or any products services of Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies (hereinafter “the Company”), because tshey affect your legal rights and obligations. These terms and any additional terms and conditions contained in the website apply to you prospectively; we recommend you check them every time you use the site for any updates, alterations or amendments. If you do not agree to be bound by all of the terms contained herein, do not use the Site or any products and/or services provided by Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies (herein after Alchemy Therapies), the Site and the Company. If any court of law rules that any part of the following disclaimers and terms not valid, those portions are deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Medical and Therapeutic Treatment Disclaimer

The information, products and services provided in the Site and by the Company is for general interest in trauma recovery purposes only; nothing herein is intended or implied to serve as medical or therapeutic advice or treatment. Dr Worby is not a medical doctor nor does she diagnose any illness or prescribe medication of any kind. All modalities and treatments referred to by Dr Worby, the Company and the Site such as energy healing, vibrational re-alignment, and all other recommendations, techniques and materials are not to be construed as medical or psychological advice. Please do not use any information, treatments, services or products provided on the Site as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counsellor.

Liability Disclaimer

By viewing the website and/or using any of the products, services and information provided by Dr Worby, the Site or the Company, you agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Dr Worby, the Company, as well as any of her agents, associates and employees from any claim or liability due to any damage or injury of any kind arising from your use of any information, products or services provided by the afore-mentioned parties. The disclaimer of liability extends to any incidental or consequential damages incurred as a direct or indirect result from your actions unless disallowed by the laws of your specific jurisdiction. Your access and use of the site and all products and services herein is done at your own risk.

Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies provides products and services, under the care, guidance and approval of a parent or guardian, to children and youth under the age of 18. They cannot give legal consent to the terms of the agreement, and thus parents or guardians must provide written consent for these services. The parent or guardian must sign and submit the form prior to the provision of any services by Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies. Children and youth are particularly vulnerable and impressionable. During all times services and products of Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies  are provided to minors, parents or guardians must monitor the minor closely, and take full responsibility for the mental health of these children and youth. As with adults, trained medical professionals should be consulted for any condition that might arise in the life of a minor for which medical care is needed. Parents and guardians waive all claims against Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies regarding any products or services provided to children and youth in their care, and waive all claims such children might have against Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies.

Minors cannot consent to the waivers contained in the policy by their own volition. Therefore, before any products or services are provided for minors, the parent or guardian must complete the following statement and email it to Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies. at: [email]

I, _____________, am the [parent/guardian] of __________________ who is __ years old. I have granted the child or youth permission to consult with Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies for trauma release as described in the document. I take full responsibility for my child or youth’s health and mental well being, and am not relying on Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies. for providing medical or mental health services for the minor. I hereby waive all claims by the child or youth on my behalf, and take full responsibility for the physical and mental health of the child or youth. I waive all claims on behalf of the child or youth on behalf of himself or herself against Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies. for any claim, condition, effect or any other result as set forth in the “Liability Disclaimer” section of the document.



Relationship to the minor: _______________________________________________________

Live Event Media Release and Liability Waiver

Please be advised portions of all Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies events will be recorded on video and photographs will be taken.

Your presence at these events constitutes express and irrevocable consent to the recording of your image, likeness and voice by Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies, and irrevocably grants Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies the right to use your image, likeness and voice in advertising, social media and all other promotion capacities.

Your presence at these events is a waiver of any and all legal claims, without limitation.

Testimonial and Associated Resource Disclaimer

The Site and other services and products produced by Dr Worby and the Company contain various client testimonials and references to other resources, providers and products. Any such testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction of a given outcome of that particular modality or treatment for a given patient or a particular issue. Dr Worby and the Company have no affiliation and make no guarantees of effectiveness or veracity of any third party product, service, resource or individual. All materials and associated resources are posted in good faith, and Dr Worby and the Company accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information provided herein, including links to other resources of any kind. Patricia Worby Alchemy Therapies are not liable for any outcome that may occur from doing any of the other work she may recommend, including remotely through others.  Please consult a trained medical, legal or financial professional before making important decisions on these matters. The only thing Patricia claims to do is support awakening your natural transformational healing forces within you; all results that occur thereafter are created by your own energy and actions.

We welcome all feedback and reserve the right to post any feedback, testimonials or reviews submitted online, by email, social media or other means without obtaining express permission in order to share the amazing benefits of the work. First name and last initial will be used, however we are happy to substitute an alias or nickname if desired for privacy. Please simply indicate if this is your preference along with your submission.

Copyright and Trademark Protection

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