Packages for Chronic Conditions

Experience has shown that clients get better results with a consistent approach and focus of a Package of Care. You know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost.


My packages offer savings over the standard ‘ad-hoc’ price too, so you pay less and get more results. I offer a range of solutions for different needs which can be tailored to you – so, no more ‘practitioner-hopping’ trying to find solutions… 

Scroll down to find out how my packages can really make a difference for you.

Muddy Beach

How does my package for chronic conditions make a difference?

I use a systematic approach that considers all aspects of the mindbody - not just your physical symptoms but the real causes which may be trauma in your past history which has predisposed your body for ‘fight or flight’ response. This sets in motion a ‘domino effect’ of hormonal, blood sugar imbalances and neuro-physiological changes which affect your energy, digestive & immune systems, sleep and mood.

It is clear that one size doesn’t fit all with these chronic, multi-factorial conditions and the approach to healing must be holistic, i.e. tailored to you and your particular symptoms and underlying causes. Experience has shown that the journey to health can be hugely accelerated with these packages - what has been a 6 year journey on average can be achieved in a year or so.. you will experience far-reaching benefits in all aspects of your life not just in the area of your condition.


Packages range from the basic 6 month package through to a full 12 month package with the choice of Coaching with EFT, EMDR or Hypnotherapy depending on your needs and your budget.  Click here to find out more.


See my Packages of Care leaflet for full details.


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