Chronic Disease is Multifactorial

In natural medicine (naturopathy) we say the ‘terrain is everything1’ which means it’s not the disease that a person has but the weakness in their internal system or environment (their gut flora, toxicity, nutritional depletion and so on) that determines which diseases they get and where the symptoms manifest. So disease is multe-factorial so must the solution be.

This terrain model (sometimes also call lifestyle medicine) turns on its head the old ‘germ theory‘ that everything is caused by one issue or germ. Surprisingly most conventional healthcare is based on this model and goes to war with microbes. However, this is not very successful; despite the temporary gains we made with the introduction of antibiotics, microbes are responding by mutating and antibiotic resistance is the result. We are only now beginning to understand the deepest workings of the human body and how we need balance with our environment to be healthy.

Most disease is created within the body as an attempt by the body to heal itself along a cycle that is meant to complete. Recently one of the most exciting theories to describe this is the Cell Danger Response which looks at the cell as the basic building block of the body which has its own innate intelligence. When danger is perceived in the environment (whether toxicity, stress, or physical injury), the cell switches into a different form of metabolism to preserve the DNA (genetic material) from damage. This results in a lowering of energy output and has huge consequences for the cell and thus for the body.

1Quote from the ‘father of germ theory’ Louis Pasteur on his deathbed recanting his previous stance.

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