1. The Scar that Won’t Heal: Stress, Trauma and Emotion in Chronic Disease:

New out now on Amazon, and Audible, I-tunes and kindle: The Scar that Won’t Heal. Subscribe to Audible now for a free trial if you want to try the audiobook version – which I narrated. See also this video for discussion of the book.

Looking at how traumatic memory and unresolved emotion affects your health – and what to do about clearing it.
£5.99 for kindle – £8.99 paperback or audio on Amazon. and NEW as audiobook on acx or audible
‘fascinating and compelling’ Elaine WIlkins, author of ‘Finding ME; The Journey to find the Authentic Self’

‘challenges mainstream understanding with unnerving conviction’ Adam Eason, author of The Science of Self-Hypnosis.

2. The World Within

A book about the microbiome /9microbial community that lives within your gut, on your skin etc and how it influences everything about us. How we feel, what personality we have, the types of relationships we are drawn to – you wouldn’t believe how much is driven by these micro-organisms and their interaction with your brain.



3. Losing our minds

A cellular view of healthy ageing and how to promote health from the inside out. Including new theories around cognitive decline (dementia) and cancer from a metabolic point of view.


in addition…

What is stress and why is it bad for you

Stress is everywhere.. and it has profound effects on the body. Everyone has a certain amount of stress – indeed it is necessary to have a little to give you motivation and drive to achieve. This is called eustress. However, the damaging nature of stress is when it is above a certain level and, more importantly it doesn’t stop i.e it is chronic stress. This is a situation for which our body’s are not well adapted.

The stress response was first described by a researcher studying rats called Hans Selye in the 1950’s. He coined the term ‘fight and flight’ response for the cascade of effects in the body when presented with a stressor. This is a a domino effect of hormones, neurotransmitters and peptides which act via the autonomic nervous system to control our response.

We now know a lot more about stress and how it affects the mind and body. We know that the body may also freeze (women and children are more susceptible to this response due to hormonal differences) with an overwhelming fear response. This then gets coded in the emotional brain or limbic system with all the sensory impressions of that initial traumatising event. If this gets triggered again in later life by adult life stress, the feelings can be overwhelming and disabling.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as simply avoiding life stress (as if we could!). As the triggers may be subconscious you are not even aware when you are being triggered – it could be they remind you of someone who hurt you, or it’s an anniversary of a terrible event.

1. Dr James Alexander; The Hidden Psychology of Pain

2. Dr John Sarno: Healing Back Pain or The Mindbody Connection

3. Dr Mark Atkinson: The MindBody Prescription

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