Whether it's a 121 session package, or a group session you prefer, I offer many options for people wanting to work with me.

121 offers the chance to work with me with the focus on your particular issues which usually resolves problems within 6-12 sessions. It is quicker than talk therapy and very focussed. I recommend 6 as a minimum for chronic (longterm) conditions and you would need to have the Initial Consult before you progress.

An online group package/course allows you to work at a slower pace where we can cover more general issues and you can learn about how emotional trauma manifests and what to do about it with the support of a like-minded community. The courses include recorded video training as well as QnA/share sessions (see individual packages for details). The online membership only is a monthly share session with some informal teaching by me.    Please note group sessions are not a substitute for 121 therapy but they do provide support and encouragement should you wish to go on to that.

121 sessions either take place in person (at my clinic in Southampton, Hampshire) or online.  You will receive confirmation of your booking in an email, with details of the clinic location if you have chosen this option.

Please note - It is most cost effective for you to pay via bank transfer or in person, rather than online.  Make sure you select the correct option below.  Regular sessions can be purchased individually or in blocks of 3 or 6.  Please contact me if you have any queries.