Patreon – a new horizon for me – moving to youtube

So I’m a therapist who works with trauma and emotional release. It’s a joy but also hard work and I am limited in the number of people I can see in a week (and the toll on me is obviously quite hard). So, I recently decided I need to reach more people than I can possibly do 1-2-1 so have decided to launch a Patreon page to help fund membership of my community.I want to write more books, record them as audiobooks and also produce a series of podcasts and vlogs of topics around health and wellbeing, especially with regard to healing trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences. See my video here and please help me by subscribing on my youtube channel However after 5 months and not really picking up any new subscribers I have decided to disable my account and move everything to youtube and (find me as Patricia Worby an subscribe..

My long term goal was to create a UK-based community of ACE-Aware practitioners who understand the physiological and psychological consequences of negative childhood experience combined with  emotional sensitivity I(which by the way is an epigenetic phenomenon). So, anyhow please follow me if you’re interested in seeing  more of my blogs, vlogs and webinars as well as being able to access my books as audiobooks on Audible. I can’t do this without you.